The objective os this material/illustration was to build a group of 2D elements and characters poses to the Masha and Bear 3D animated series. Masha brand was going to get know worldwide and needs a group of icons and graphics assets to be used on her products and graphic material. 
I watched the 3D series with the characters illustrators and art director of this project and helped to choose the perfect characters poses to the guide. After that I worked on elements drawings and illustrations to be around the characters. The cute and nature elements guided all the guide with a scrapbook look. 
STYLE GUIDE PAGES: The layout was inspired by scrapbooks design, with tags and paper texture mood.
ICONS: I choose cute candies that appear on the show and try to make flowers to match the world of Masha and the Bear. 

GRAPHIC COMPOSITIONS: The graphics are on Book guide pages layout, that shows the match between graphics and scrapbook mood.
PATTERNS: Here we have some use of the icons on patterns examples. 

MATCHING SYSTEM:  In this pages we can see combination of all the graphics elements of the respective graphic and how to match and use all of them.

The function of the mood board and mockup page are to show how the Style Guide application can be. 
Project Manager: Carlos Slighieri and Daniel Godoy
Character Illustrator: Nilson Gomes
Art Direction/ Graphic Designer: Larissa Arruguetti
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