The client needed a new Style/Trend Guide for Strawberry Shortcake Baby. They send to us many pre-approved and finished poses from the main character and the briefing tells to use social media elements. I drew all the icons, compositions and set the mood for this group of elements and assets that will work nice and cute around the character.
 Graphics Sketches
Here you can see all the pre approved poses and the sketch around to build the graphics and compositions. 
Project overview
Guide Book, Page layouts and Mockups

What's is Style Guide for licensing?
The purpose of a Style Guide for licensing is to assist content creators stakeholders in effectively promoting character brands. It’s like the go-to manual with supporting illustrations such as backgrounds, surface patterns, icons, badges, fonts, and lettering. Additionally, it involves the development of mood boards that accurately capture current consumer fashion trends.


Character illustrator: Nilson Gomes 
Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Larissa Arruguetti

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