This project made for Super Hero Girls (Warner) had the objective to make icons and elements with a sketchy and girly trend and apply some different finishing for ready illustrations from the hero girls that the client suggest and send to the team. 
A girly way to show the heroes 
The lettering also had a huge presence with pastels colors and it was very nice to make it. I worked hard on letterings and the union between the chosen girls poses and the cute and romantic elements to emphasis the character brand and its public, with a play with social media conversations.

Icons and letterings applied with the Character poses
What's is Style Guide for licensing?
The purpose of a Style Guide for licensing is to assist content creators, product designers, and other stakeholders in effectively promoting character brands through licensed products. It’s like the go-to manual with supporting illustrations such as backgrounds, surface patterns, icons, badges, fonts, and lettering. Additionally, it involves the development of mood boards that accurately capture current consumer fashion trends.

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