The objective os this material/illustration was to build a group of 2D elements and characters poses to the Masha and Bear 3D animated series. Masha brand was going to get know worldwide and needs a group of icons and graphics assets to be used on her products and graphic material. 
I watched the 3D series with the characters illustrators and art director of this project and helped to choose the perfect characters poses to the guide. After that I worked on elements drawings and illustrations to be around the characters. The cute and nature elements guided all the guide with a scrapbook look.
Book guides pages: Some pages of the book guide, I love this part, despite the hard work to create the pages layout

Icons: I choose cute candies that appear on the show and try to make flowers to match the world of Masha and the Bear. 

Graphics compositions: Here are some compositions ready to be used on products, I loved the scrapbook atmosphere :D

Patterns and Prints: Here we have some use of the icons on some surface design examples. We can see the pattern book page.

Guide Overview:  In the matching System pages we can see combination of all the graphics elements of the graphic and how to match and use.

Product moodboard: I like very mush to do moodbords and to search for products to make mockups and guide applications. 

Project Manager: Carlos Slighieri and Daniel Godoy

Character Illustrator: Nilson Gomes

Art Direction/ Graphic Designer: Larissa Arruguetti

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