The development of this Style Guide helped the musicians of “Palavra Cantada” to publicize their products, promoting the coherence and unity of the brand. The musicians of the duo "Palavra Cantada" have a children's audience and many iconic songs in the Brazilian audiovisual repertoire.
The challenge was to translate the music into visual media, keeping the animation and joy of the melodies that children and parents love.
The duo already had the characters illustrations ready, we added new poses to the group of elements and adjusted some technical issues aiming at their application in products, in addition to all the translation and choice of which songs could become compositions and graphic elements. A huge challenge transforming music into graphics, but the result made me very happy!

The icons was made with a unique style, with many textures and details, at same time they are simple and joyful, perfect for children and applications.

The compositions had some handmade influence and many letterings and fonts styles, we needed them to tell the song through the visual elements. I really liked them, they full of details and life 😃

The book guide had a texture exploration at many pages and some fun compositions to show all the potential of this style guide application. Here are some key favorites parts of this amazing projects.

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