In this Style Guide, they are introducing the new character design of Polly on Latin America, I made the graphic material with a pre-approved Polly illustration from Mattel (I received it from a illustrator focused on characters). I created a group of illustrations and elements with a nautical mood organized in a book (pdf format) that tells to stakeholders the storytelling and the mood of this campaign. It's always a pleasure and lot of fun to work with this kind of brand so cute.🩵 


☝️ICONS AND GRAPHICS: Here are the icons and graphics that I made and has two kinds of finishing, one with contour and another more flat and less colors (it helps some print limitations on products) ​​​​​​​
☝️PATTERNS:  My favorite part, I LOVE surface design, and here we can easily test if our illustration based on a trend design will work on products. I love these, they are my favorites. ​​​​​​​
☝️BOOK | COVER | COLOR PALETTE | MOOD:  I love do this part, that's get everything we have done on graphic pages and united it on a book. It tells the story, the mood, fashion trends and show all the possibilities of application for products designers.​​​​​​​
What's is Style Guide for licensing?
The purpose of a Style Guide for licensing is to assist content creators stakeholders in effectively promoting character brands. It’s like the go-to manual with supporting illustrations such as backgrounds, surface patterns, icons, badges, fonts, and lettering. Additionally, it involves the development of mood boards that accurately capture current consumer fashion trends.
Art Direction: Mattel and Carlos Sighieri 
Character Illustrator: Nilson Gomes
 Background Illustration: Camila Thomaz
 Illustrator and graphic designer: Larissa Arruguetti​​​​​​​
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